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This project contains a variety of extensions for Entity Framework Code First, such as migrations and pluggable conventions.
You can use conventions out of the box. You can now find it on NuGet. Just search for EntityFramework.Extras in Package Manager Search window. Alternatively, just type
Install-Package EntityFramework.Extras in the package manager console.

You have to obtain a license to Red Gate SQL Comparison SDK to use migrations API.
If you simply would like to try my solution, just get 14 days trial and check out what it does for you.

You can read a detailed explanation of project and look at the usage samples in this blog post I wrote:

I also added repository classes, making it easy to implement read and write repository.
Please read my posts on how to use repository classes:

I did make a change from those posts, separating read from write repository interfaces.
Default values as supported as of version 0.9.3
You can read more about defaults support here

Version 0.9.4 adds support for indexes. You can read more about it in my blog entry:

Update 2/19/2012
I will likely remove migrations from the project at some point because Entity Framework now inlcudes migrations out of the box. This includes all features except defaults. Once that is done, I will remove migrations from the project.

Road Map:
Columns and tables remaing
Possibly support for other RDBMS (depending on demand)

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